About Deborah


About Deborah Leonard (me) …well if you want to know ‘me’ a little better,

My AKA’s include Deborah (Debs) Leonard, Lenny, the other half of Lenny and Forde the new Lifestyle and Beauty Super blog and lastly Da Beauty Geek  (Coz I love Beauty and I’m a Total Geek!).

First off, I have been a skincare and beauty junkie since the age of sixteen and I can honestly say I never went to bed with my makeup on, even when I stumbled into bed slightly tipsy I would drag myself out of it and clean my face.  The thoughts of waking up with a mucky pillow and dirty face never appealed to me.

I tumbled into the industry in my early twenties, after waking up one morning at the desk of my then 9 to 5 office job. With my face in a pool of saliva and clumps of legal documents stuck to my face I realised office life was not for me, so off I stumbled to find something more to my liking.

My penchant for the creative and the idea of making a living drawing on people’s faces really appealed to me, and so it was I went about learning all there was to know about becoming a makeup artist and/or beauty professional.

Life took a few twists and turns and in the process, I popped out a few wee babes (my treasures) and though my direction in the Makeup Industry teetered slightly, my love for all things beauty remained constant.  And so I strived to make a living within the industry whilst raising a family.   FUN times were had….

Presently, my job as a makeup artist and skin consultant is flourishing and considering the times we live in I am eternally grateful for my work.  I’m also currently writing my first novel (labour of love) and I love researching, freelancing and blogging.  You can catch up on my latest blog here

My love of the industry and my desire to share my knowledge and expertise led me to teamin up with fellow beauty and life enthusiast Karen Forde.  Together we deliver the freshest and most honest articles and reviews.  We are passionate women who love sharing our opinions on life, wellness, beauty, makeup, art, health, fitness and whatever else takes our fancy.

Also, we live in times where the beauty industry is quite literally bursting at the seams with new skin care and makeup products.  The ordinary wee lass on the street is most times battered by brands claiming to be the best…really they can’t all be that good.

So this is where we come in, with commonsensical words of wisdom and hopefully some good information on how to care for your skin, choose correctly from the plethoric pile of products.

All Karen and I ask is you read with an open mind, comment with a sound tongue and hopefully leave au courant with all that’s happening in the Beauty Industry and Life.

xx Debs Lenny Leonard xx


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