Debs Leonard


Deborah Leonard is well known amongst her clients as a skincare and makeup expert, she is a self confessed beauty junkie, has garnered a reputation as the go to person for problematic skin. Focusing on long term results for her clients, she has set them up with skincare routines that have not only solved their seemingly “unsolvable” problems but also reversed years of neglect – and this is only a by product of her main role as a well respected makeup artist and beauty blogger.

As a Makeup Artist Deborah specialises in bridal, photographic, fashion Corporate, Film and television makeup. Her work includes corporate clients, television work for TV3, Xpose working on successful ad campaigns for Xpose Live and the Apprentice, Ireland AM, 3E, RTE and the City Chanel. She has been involved in major fashion events and her work has featured on the front covers of bridal magazines and in fashion magazines, on album covers, broadsheets and tabloids. Deborah has also worked as a Tutor in leading makeup academies.
With her wealth of experience in the Beauty industry, backed up by her ITEC and CIBTAC qualifications, Deborah can speak with authority on all things Beauty!!!

Today we are inundated with Beauty Products each one shouting louder than the next to get our attention. They all seem to be “must haves” and impossible to live without. Deborah’s mission is to help us wade through the sea of produce and help us understand what we do and don’t need, the damage that the wrong products/ routines can do and the fabulous results that can be achieved with the right ones.

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